Do I need to stay with the my child during the class?

This depends on the instructor and you should ask them for their opinion. Generally, it is better to stay in the vicinity of the class until you are sure that your child has settled in. It also give you an opportunity to see how the ‘TKD Program’ is taught. Parents observing the class should avoid interrupting the class and allow the instructors to lead the class. It is important for the students to realise that the teacher is in charge whilst the lesson is taking place.

Am I expected to help my child with the homework tasks?

It is always better to work with your child as it promotes a good parent/child relationship but for parents that are too busy we have activities on this website that help your child with various homework tasks.

Do I need to buy the Taekwon-Do suit straight away?

Some instructors will allow a grace period before you need to buy a suit. It is strongly recommended that you buy it as soon as they join as it helps to make the child feel as part of the group.

What if my child doesn’t like the class?

Your child is very likely to enjoy the class as the lessons are fun based with many games and a wide variety of activities. Maybe a child will feel uncomfortable at first as it is a new environment for them. This does not mean the child dislikes the lesson. We want parents to realise that the TKD Program is not just a fun activity but is also very important part of a child’s education. It is important that the parent perseveres to allow the child time to adapt to the class.

Will Taekwon-Do teach my child to be aggressive?

Learning kicking and punching does not create aggression when taught with the correct ethos. We teach techniques as a physical skill and any striking techniques are directed towards an inanimate object such as a target pad. We encourage the development of the tenets of Taekwon-Do, of which Courtesy and Self Control are important for preventing aggression. The program develops the child’s self-esteem which also contributes to the child’s ability to deal with conflicts. Also there is a section in the program that teaches the child to be assertive rather than aggressive.

How many students are there per instructor?

We have a guideline that states each class must have no more than 12 students per instructor. We recommend this ratio be even lower if the class consists of younger children aged 3 or 4 years old. This ensures that your child trains in a safe environment and received enough attention.

How does the ‘TKD Program’ differ from other kids programs for the same age range?

It is not appropriate for us to speak on behalf of other programmes but we can tell you what our programme provides. To learn more about our programme please see the ‘About TKD Program’ section. When searching for a suitable programme for your child, these are some of the important factors to consider:

  • Aims and objectives of the programme.
  • Are the skills appropriate for the age group?
  • The competence and proficiency of the instructor.
  • What are you looking for? Do you need a programme that develops cognitive as well as physical skill?
  • The benefits of the programme.
  • The structure of the programme.
  • Does the programme develop the child in a progressive way?

What happens when my child completes the programme?

When your child graduates from the programme they will be ready to move to the mainstream class of the next age level which continues their journey to become a black belt in Taekwon-Do.

My child is 6 years old. Is it too late to start the programme?

No. Your child can join the programme at any stage. If you child is 6 or 7 years old they will probably have already developed more prerequisite skills than a 3 or 4 year old. Therefore, they may skip the basic levels.

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