Why TKD Program

Aims and Objectives

The principal aim of the TKD Program is to provide a standardised means for imparting foundational knowledge of Taekwon-Do, it’s techniques and important life-skills to young children.


1. Facilitate the student’s fully-engaged participation by making classes as fun and interactive as possible, delivering the teaching through a varied programme of games and role-playing activities.

2. To develop the student’s motivation, self-esteem and sense of achievement progressively, via a structured programme of goals, positive feedback and awards.

3. To provide the students with grounding using a technical system of self defence, which will enable them to build self confidence, thus minimising the tendency to engage in the conflicts that can arise from feeling insecure.

4. To channel the student’s energy, in order to enable them to gain a more balanced temperament, thus averting problematic behaviour arising from frustration and therefore giving them a better chance to utilise their energies in a positive manner.

5. To ensure benefits gained from participation in Taekwon-Do classes are carried over into home and school or nursery life, fostering the development of a more caring and courteous society, and through this the building of a more peaceful world.


1. Encourage the development of independence, organisation, teamwork, leadership, discipline, following instructions and being responsible.

2. Further the development of cognitive skills such as memory, concentration and gaining knowledge about Taekwon-Do.

3. Introducing a basic understanding of the moral principles of Taekwon-Do, and practicing of the tenets of Taekwon-Do; how these can be applied to daily life and provide moral guidance.

4. Provide guidance about how to acquire good health and fitness. Teach the rudiments of good diet, hygiene, flexibility exercises, strength exercises, and endurance exercises.

5. To develop the pre-requisite skills necessary for Taekwon-Do techniques – coordination, balance and rhythm.

6. To gain a basic understanding of the meaning and composition of Taekwon-Do.

7. Provide guidance about safety issues in the following areas:

  • a. Awareness of hazards.
  • b. How to stay safe.
  • c. Dealing with emergencies.
  • d. Dealing with people that are hurtful or dangerous.

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