Our Program

Welcome to our program! It will teach you Taekwon-Do in fun way.

Taekwon-Do helps you to you become a better person, just like the kids in the Strongest 5. It will also make you strong and fit and teach you how to deal with danger.
Taekwon-Do teaches you how to be polite, kind and caring to other people. But it will also teach you things like kicking, punching and blocking and dodging. This will help you to become a brave and confident person but you must be sensible and avoid using Taekwon-Do movements to hurt other people.


As you get older, you will be doing more and more things that grown-ups do. Such as doing things for yourself, arranging things, working together with other people, following instructions properly, being in charge of things and be trustworthy enough to make sure you do the things you are supposed to do. These are life skills.


Mind skills is about remembering things, concentrating and learning more knowledge.


TKD attitudes shows you the way all Taekwon-Do students should behave to help you become a more helpful and caring person, to others and yourself.


Health is about keeping yourself clean so you keep germs away and eating well so you grow strong and avoid sickness.
Fitness is about being strong, stretchy and being able to work and play for a long time without getting tired too quickly.
Children that are fit and healthy are usually more happy.

Coordination is about being able to control the movement and position of your body to help you do more difficult skills such as Taekwon-Do techniques.


This part is about the Taekwon-Do movements and positions you will learn about in this program such as Stances, Blocking, Punching, Striking and Kicking.

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